Here at Gecko Zone we not only breed and sell top-notch reptiles, we also love to show off all of the fun and interesting animals that we’ve collected over the years. That’s why we’ve started up Repti-Zone, where we can offer live educational shows. At these presentations, we bring more than 15 different animal species, ranging from snakes and tortoise to iguana, our African Grey parrot and of course, geckos! We believe in seeing with your hands, so all of our shows are interactive, hands-on and kid-friendly, so everyone gets a chance to see, touch and hold a variety of our impossibly adorable animal ambassadors. We’ve done in-school presentations, birthday parties, science fairs, and much more! If you have the audience, we’ll entertain them. Each show is roughly one hour in length but can vary depending on how many questions are asked, audience size, etc. We really love this part of our job, so if you are interested contact us by hitting the “Book Us” button on this page and we will get back to you as fast as we can. Please remember that we are located in Northeastern PA and are only able to travel reasonable distances to avoid overstressing the animals.